United World for Global Jobs

Regardless of nationality, we introduce jobs that make use of overseas experience and language skills.

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Best partner finding suitable jobs

United World introduces companies looking for global talent, regardless of nationality We focus on jobs where you can utilize your language skills and overseas experience.

For example ...
Digital marketing for overseas users
IT project manager in charge of overseas projects
Business development to expand the share of products overseas
Bridge engineer that connects overseas teams and domestic teams, etc.
We deal with a wide range of occupations.

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Our Service

Dedicated Career Advice & Counseling

Our dedicated career advisors will closely support your job hunting. We will provide one-on-one support, such as consultation regarding job search issues, advice on skills improvement, and consultation on future career plans.

Introduce a job that suits your expectations

We introduce many types of positions from various industries, from start-ups to local SMEs, large companies, and foreign-affiliated companies.

After hearing your expectations and career plan in detail, we are in a better position to tailor the jobs we introduce to you, without trying to push those that don’t fit you.

Detail of the companies that is not written in the JDs

We are in close contact with our clients (hiring companies), deepening our understanding of their corporate culture, expectations, internal structure, and teams. This enables us to provide more insight information about JDs, during applications.

Some Successful Cases

Jeehee Yoo  (Korean)

After studying fine arts at Seoul National University, the top university in South Korea, she gained experience in graphic and web design both in Japan and Korea. Currently, she is working as a web designer at a venture company that analyzes data using sports science.

Comments to United WorldUnited World introduced the best job that I can use my experience well. They also kindly supported me, revising my resume and giving me advice. I am very grateful that they also had a mock interview for me.

Hidenori Tanaka  (Japanese)

Raised in Italy and France. He is fluent in four languages. He graduated from a Japanese university and is currently working as a project manager at a foreign-affiliated IT company.

Comments to United World

They were very kind and cheerful, so I was able to work on my job hunting without any anxiety! United World will introduce jobs that suit you, so I highly recommend United World to anyone looking for another job!


Mohamed Shafiqul Islam    (Bangladeshi)

After graduating from the top university in Bangladesh, worked as a software engineer at a major electronic company. After that, engaged in research to discover brain tumors using machine learning at Kyushu Institute of Technology. Currently working as a machine learning engineer at an AI venture company.

Comments on United World
United World has helped me to find a job at a startup company in Japan. They let me know about new opportunities at different companies which are relevant to my profile. Their guidance and feedback were very helpful for me during the whole process. I am really grateful to them for their enormous support. I recommend United World to those who are seeking new careers in Japan.


Takahiko Oki  (Japanese)

After graduating from art school, experienced web design at major companies and venture companies. Has over 20 web design experiences. Currently working as a UI / UX designer at a major human resources company.

Comments on United World
United World's staff were very kind. Their response was quick and it was very helpful. Although it was online communication only due to Covid, I was able to secure this job with peace of mind without any anxiety. This is my first experience with a global~minded recruiting company. I encourage other Japanese people (and foreigners of course) to find jobs.


Elvira Lopez   (Mexican)

After graduating from a university in Mexico, worked as a tester and developer at a major IT company. After arriving in Japan, she learned Japanese and experienced an English teacher, and is currently working as a QA engineer in a game company.

Comments on United World
United World helped me to get a job in Japan. They were able to get me a full-time job at a recognized Japanese technology company. I'm really satisfied with their work and dedication to finding the right company that fits my profile. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for new opportunities in Japan.


Abhishek Kashyap  (Indian)

He studied optical force sensors for surgical robots at a graduate school in the United States and obtained a master's degree. After that, he was involved in a robot development project at Kyoto University, and is currently working as a robotics engineer at a company that develops antibody drug platforms.

Comments on United World
United World helped me find a job when the number of Covid cases were the highest in Japan and most companies had gone on hiring freezes. They make sure to understand your expectations from your next job, and accordingly match you to a company. If you're looking for new opportunities, you should definitely reach out to United World.

Service Flow




Very simple! We will contact you to set up a casual talk.



Casual talk

We listen to your expectations, offer career counseling and introduce the most suitable job(s) for you.


Job interview

We support you during the interview process with companies, on the preparation and schedule adjustment, and, if needed, with a mock interview (Japanese)



Job offer

We also negotiate the conditions based on your expectatons.



As a career consultant throughout your life, whenever possible, we will continue to support you after joining the company.



What do I need to prepare for the casual talk with United World?


Please submit your updated resume / CV. In case it is difficult to prepare it in advance, you can submit it later (e.g. by the time you apply for a job).


Do I have to pay anything to United World?


Our service is completely free of charge to job applicants


I am busy for a long casual interview. Will United World still help?


We tailor our service to your needs. In general, our online casual talks are short [20~25 minutes] unless you need more time (e.g. consultation). We also offer a short phone talk.


If I register, will I always be invited to a casual talk by United World?


Your time is precious also for us. We would not invite you to a casual chat, unless we have a potential job opportunity for you. But we will contact you once we have a potential job.


Can I have the casual chat if I'm not thinking about changing jobs right now?


Of course. Even if you are not necessarily thinking about changing jobs right now, we can provide you with advice on your future career and relevant job information that suits your experience and expectations.