Create a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere


Create a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere

There are many people who want to work but cannot in the world. Even talented and motivated people face many problems on the way to find jobs due to language, where they live, and their nationality. Also, there is a situation in the world where you have to work and earn money to support your family, but you can't find a job. We solve this problem by creating a world where anyone can work anywhere through our services.

What We Do

We keep providing what our customers really need

We pursue our customers' satisfaction;  for job seekers offering the best of our experience matching them with great companies, and for companies helping them find those talented foreigners possessing the right skills for the job.
Additionally, we also provide Japanese language classes, business etiquette training, recruiting events, etc.; keeping in mind our main focus which is matching with regular employment jobs.


Company Profile


United World Inc



​[Tsukuba Office]

​[Tokyo office]

5-72-8, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

2-11-24, Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki

August, 2019


5,000,000 JPY



Masaru Asahi

有料職業紹介事業許可 13-ユ-311499



1. Global Recruitment business 

2. Recruiting consulting business

3. Location analysis and sales


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Masaru Asahi

​"To create the No1 company and be the No1 CEO in the world"
Born in Japan. Founded United World Inc after working at the Mexican Embassy, a consulting company, and NPO/NGO at the United Nations University. 

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Sebastian Heredia
"Provide better education and growth"

Born in Peru. Started a career as a lawyer. Gained a scholarship from MEXT and Graduated from Osaka University for Master's degree. Funded United World Inc after working at Municipal Office in Peru and Addressing Population and Development Issues to Attain Sustainable Development.

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Takayuki Nakamura
"Seles with great respect and kind (Became a father at 45 year's old)"

Started his career as an IT engineer. After he had experience in a trading company, he joined United World and has been supporting the recruitment of global companies. He likes to learn investment and is good at real estate investment.

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Mao Miki
Career Advisor
"Change toguh times into big opportunties as a career advisor"

As a new graduate, she applied for only one company and decided to work at a foreign firm. After that, she went to Australia and joined the 5 Star Hotel while she had a hard time finding a job. After returning to Japan due to Corona, she has joined United World. Based on her own experience, she has supported job hunting while staying close to people.

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Shui Oshima
Career Advisor
"Develop your possibilities and motivation as a career advisor"

At the 80-year-old membership-based international club, she provided world-class hospitality to members of more than 50 nationalities as a club management staff. After that, she has joined United World and supported the recruitment of global jobs as a career advisor to expand the possibilities of people.

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Emika Kaji
"Bilingual sales supporting the recruitment of clients"

After working as a secretary at a pulp maker, she worked at a trading company, discovering new products and overseas suppliers as an overseas sales position. Now, she supports the recruitment of global companies as a bilingual sales at United World. She is planning to work in the United States in the future.