The gentle salesman & father who never forgets respect to anyone

Nakamura  Takayuki    
Sales & Human Resources Consultant

After graduating from university, he has 9 years of experience in infrastructure-related work at an SES system company.

After that, he worked at a trading company for 14 years, and then joined United World.

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Q What kind of work do you do at United World?

I am working at United Wolrd as a sales. I had never experienced sales before, but I wanted to take this challenge here. My job is mainly developing new clients and building relationships with existing clients. Creating and updating job descriptions received from clients is also my main task.

Q When do you feel the motivation during the work?

United World introduces skilled engineers to our clients, but it is difficult to introduce because the engineers get various offers from many agents, so it is difficult to match both clients' and engineers' sides of requirements. Therefore, I am happy when I can make the requirements offered from our clients lower by negotiation. I understand that companies want to hire people who are ready to work immediately, but it's hard to find them, so I think it's better to hire people with high potential. It can be said that the company is stagnant while it cannot be hired.

In addition, clients have attractive businesses, but there are many companies that have difficulty hiring, and being able to help them is also a motivation for me.

I am also looking forward to the opportunity to get to know various clients. Through my work, I would like to build a relationship where I can easily go drinking with my clients.

We are also looking forward to taking on new challenges with the acquisition of candidates and new clients.

Q, Why did you choose United World?

I became friends with the CEO through soccer, but the deciding factor was that I felt that I could do something interesting with him. I also wanted to take on new challenges, so I changed jobs to an inexperienced sales position.

Q, How is the atmosphere of the company/team?

Everyone is good and kind. This is all that I can say, but I feel that everyone is working hard and working together with full remote. Therefore, the results have been better in recent months, and I think that not only this year's performance but also next year's performance will be great.


Q. What was the moment when you felt your growth most after joining the company?

The CEO said that if you do what you have to do, you will get results. "Really?" I thought so, but I keep it constantly every day, and then actually I got results.

I was worried because I was in an inexperienced sales position, but as I cultivated new clients and the number of clients in charge increased, the number of recommendations naturally increased and I was able to receive offers. Sales came out constantly every month after all. This leads to my confidence in the time of interviews with clients and creates a virtuous cycle for recruiting jobs.

Q, What is your typical time schedule for a day?

Our main task is to interact with clients, create and update jobs, introduce the best jobs to candidates, and acquire new clients.

Since I start the work from the things that requires a response, depending on the day, it may end up with coordination by email with the client, in-house email, creation of a letter of recommendation, but it is an important task to acquire new clients, so I always try to balance all types of the works.

Q, How do you spend time in your free time?

I just got a child last November, so I spend a lot of time interacting with my child. I also read and play futsal. Futsal helps to relieve stress and continues to maintain physical fitness.