Career advisor encouraging people with a smile and energy

Miki  Mao   
Career advisor

As a new graduate, she applied for only one job hunting company and decided to be a foreign-affiliated company. After that, she went to Australia and joined the 5 Star Hotel even though she had a hard time finding a job. After returning to Japan, she struggled with job hunting and joined United World. Utilizing her own experience, she supports job change activities while staying close to candidates.

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Q What kind of work do you do at United World?

I usually meet with job seekers to hear their requests and help them find a job. We are focusing on global talents, many nationalities, and bilinguals.

We also actively introduce jobs for those who want to work for a global company.

Q, What is your typical time schedule for a day?

The first thing to do in the morning is email and today's schedule check.

After that, I usually have interviews with the job seekers and share the info with the sales team to introduce the job. We also send scout emails to job seekers.

Q When do you feel the motivation during the work?
Of course, I'm glad when we get job offers for the people we support, but personally, it's when I build good relations with them. People often contact me and tell me their concerns before the job interviews, and I try to contact them immediately after the interview. Also, they share various things like friends. I believe changing jobs is an important choice in life, and I'm happy to be involved in that person's life.

Q. What was the moment when you felt your growth most after joining the company?

I felt that when I was close to the feelings of the job seeker. Everyone has worries and anxieties when looking for a job. So, I felt my growth when I could support people not only in the aspects of intruding jobs but also in supporting them with the aspects of mental. 

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Q, Why did you choose United World?

First of all, I deeply agreed with the company slogan, “Create a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere”. I myself had a hard time finding a job in Australia. I couldn't find a place to hire me who doesn't speak much English, and I was very depressed that I wasn't needed so much from society. After I gain a job, I saw some people didn't work seriously even if they could speak English, while others were not good at English but could do a lot of work. I feel bad seeing many people who cannot demonstrate their abilities due to language barriers, and I sympathize with United World, which aims to enable each individual to play an active role wherever they are.

Also,  I felt that everyone, including the CEO, is friendly and thought I would work well, enjoining the work with good members.

Q, What is the atmosphere of the company/team?

The distance is very close. It's fully remote, but we are always communicating. In addition, the CEO respects our opinions so much that the opinions of each employee are reflected.

Q, Please tell how to spend time in your free time!

I love going on picnics and watching the sunset.

I feel very happy to be able to interact with nature while having good coffee.

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